Erika Lessey Chen
M.S., L.Ac, Dipl. Ac, C.M.T.

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10 am–6:30 pm

10 am–6:30 pm

10 am–6 pm

The Lotus Center 415.336.0577
1085 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA



Erika Lessey Chen, LAc
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Her Clients Say:
"Erika changed my life. 29 years ago, I had a nasty accident that left with with stiff joints and chronic low-back pain. In the last year, it had gotten worse, so I'd pretty much stopped exercising. It even hurt to walk. In one session with her, she seemed to unlock my joints. The next day, I felt great. Very flexible all over. The pain in my hips and lower back lifted. Friends and people at work commented on it. I run! I skip! I dance! I move like a cheetah!"

"I randomly read somewhere about someone who had been able to overcome their sugar cravings through acupunture, and decided to give it a try, since sugar cravings have been a lifelong problem for me. Honestly, I was floored with the results, it was like a light switch had been flipped for me, and I just lost the desire for sugary treats."

“I was developing a very serious allergic cough. Erika prescribed some amazing chinese herbs. It took a few or several weeks to kick in, but I have had zero allergies since--now 3 years later. I'm very pleased to have found a long term cure. I not only have no coughing problem, I feel that my lungs have been strengthened.”

"Erika's treatments are, without a doubt, the best hour of my week. Over the past few years she has helped me in so many ways. My chronic pain, grief, anxiety, menstrual problems, headaches, even cold and flus have all been soothed by Erika's nurturing treatments"

“When I had acid reflux issues, she administered acupuncture about 3 times, gave me herbs, and I was back on track in a few weeks.”

“She has a very holistic approach, and even in her facial rejuvenation sessions she considers the whole body and gives you herbs to take home”

“I have always had great results with my accupuncture sessions with Erika. If you are seeking an effective, comfortable, professional service that won't leave a big hole in your pocket book, I highly recommend her.”

“In addition to having such great success as a doctor, she has the best bedside manner ever! You can see it in the way that she cares about her patients and the expertise she exhibits. Sometimes I want to get acupuncture just to see her warm smile. She's been great at making sure I have my herbs, and she's willing to meet me when I have an allergy attack.”

"I began seeing Erika on a regular basis for acupuncture and I can wholeheartedly recommend her treatment as well. Erika is thoughtful and gentle in her methods, and her care in listening to my ailments (and sometimes just my complaints about work and other stressors) really made me feel relaxed and well taken care of when I saw her."

"Went to see Erika and she is very gentle in her treatments. I felt so relaxed. I highly recommend her for Acupuncture treatments. She was able to help redirect my chi from my ailing areas and relieve me of my pain. I also felt a beneficial cooling effect all over my body while this process was taking place. Very relaxing and therapeutic."