Erika Lessey Chen
M.S., L.Ac, Dipl. Ac, C.M.T.

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10 am–6:30 pm

10 am–6:30 pm

10 am–6 pm

The Lotus Center 415.336.0577
1085 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA


  Acupuncture is a healing therapy that is a branch of Chinese medicine. The Chinese discovered that Qi flows between organs along regular pathways called meridians. Acupoints are key points along the meridians where the energy is most accessible. A licensed acupuncturist—or Chinese medical doctor—will stimulate these acupoints with sterile, disposable needles, allowing the physician to direct the Qi and restore natural balance.

  Herbology is the study of plants and natural medical substances used to bring health to individuals. Herbology is a powerful and important aspect of Chinese medical practice and is relatively inexpensive as an effective form of healthcare. Herbal remedies are made from the highest quality herbs and combined in our pharmacy to form a custom herbal prescription. Most herbal formulas are available as teas or pills.

  Tui Na (pronounced tway-nah) is a medical massage developed as another branch of classical Chinese medicine. It is a rhythmic massage performed by applying pressure in circular movements on selected acupoints. This therapy is used to stimulate or relax muscle groups, clearing the channels of the body and creating relief from pain. Massage can be used to reduce physical stress and pain, to relax or to invigorate the body, revitalizing the body’s energy.


Nutritional Advice. Understanding your body's needs is a fundamental part of self-healing. I can provide a list of helpful and harmful foods and answer any questions you have about your diet.


Your Treatment
The initial session includes consultation and lasts about one and half hours. Following treatments generally take about an hour. Acupuncture is quite painless, as the needles are very fine and flexible. During a treatment, you rest in a warm, soothing environment.
Session fees vary depending on treatments.
    Herbal prescriptions are individually priced.
    Multiple sessions are available at a reduced rate.
    In-home treatments available by appointment.
    Gift certificates and in-home treatment for massage are available.

 We accept most credit cards